Opt for an electronic document management tool!

An Electronic Document Management (EDM) tool can help you solve the problems of storing and documenting documents. Prakash Software has chosen SharePoint 2016, a platform available in SaaS, enabling you to view your data online from any application, anywhere and in real time.

SharePoint, a tool that improves overall efficiency

Your SharePoint collaborative space will allow you to centralize and manage information flows within your organization, within a department, between departments, and even with your customers, enabling you to become more efficient. This tool will contribute to a good management of the documents of your company and in your respective teams.

Centralization and Documentation

For many companies, information (Excel files, Word …) is scattered on users’ computers and can be exchanged by email … With SharePoint, you can host and store your documents in one place and create versioning documents when a user modifies them. Re-reading, approvals, requests for leave or purchase are made more smoothly and this contributes to internal productivity.

Data Security and Identity Management

Manage Access Security

Via SharePoint, you can define the data access rights to users so that certain confidential data is only accessible to the people concerned (activity report, dashboards …). For example, you can create user groups to easily assign rights (HR, Sales, Production, Administrative, Extranet Client, etc.). Follow changes to documents: Who, When, What…

Create automation feeds

To automate processes, you can define approval strings to validate certain documents (quote, purchase) or forms (holidays, loan of equipment, etc.). You can create workflows for requests for leave or expense report validation.

Guarantee a policy to save your documents

The data in your collaborative workspace includes a weekly backup policy by default, which you can extend to a daily backup. You can also request an export your data to a third storage space (e.g. your company or system type storage) to perform an offsite backup. This will cause your data to be duplicated and redundant.

Enjoy High SharePoint Service Availability

Our infrastructure, based entirely in France (Nantes & Paris), implements redundant equipment within the same datacenter, but also through the use of several geographically distant data centers in order to guarantee a continuity of service. Draw on a team of experts to accompany you. Our pre-sales teams assist you in defining your expectations and requirements (audit, architecture …) in order to offer you a balanced figure. Our technical teams take over to implement the expected solution (design, parameterization, supervision of your SharePoint server).

SharePoint Development Services USA

How can our teams help?

Prakash Software has been a specialist for several years of the Microsoft SharePoint tool and can help you on different phases of the project:

  • Designing, configuring your SharePoint server in dedicated or shared mode
  • Advice and support on the choice of architecture: SharePoint on shared server or dedicated server for a predefined or tailor-made design
  • Choosing between a SharePoint Foundation or a SharePoint Enterprise (Server):
  • For example, the SharePoint Enterprise version will allow you to take advantage of additional features such as enterprise content management, decision support (BI), and news sharing
  • Migrating your data to SharePoint
  • Infrastructure monitoring and supervision
  • Windows licensing, RDS …
  • Training for the tool

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