Keyboard shortcuts, better known as “shortcuts” are key combinations that make it easier for users to work on a PC or laptop. The most common shortcuts are Ctrl + c and Ctrl + v for copying and pasting content. Shortcuts make it easy to work with graphics and elements, and I can work much faster in my desktop applications like Photoshop.

Less common are shortcuts for web applications. For SharePoint Online, there are a few useful shortcuts that make the use of the mouse unnecessary and make regular tasks much easier.

The shortcuts for SharePoint Online, which I find most useful and most useful, have been put into this list for you. You can also save or bookmark the list so that you always have the shortcuts at hand.

The 12 most useful shortcuts for SharePoint Online

Alt + N Opens the menu for creating a new file or folder.

Alt + N> Tab    Use the Tab key to navigate through the individual elements of the open menu.

Alt + U Opens the dialog for uploading a new document.

Alt + M> Tab   Opens the menu for additional activities for a selected item.

Alt + S  Opens the dialog for releasing content.

Alt + Y  Synchronize the library with a device

Str + Backspace           Deletes the entire word to the left of the cursor

Str + Del          Deletes the entire word to the right of the cursor

Down Arrow / Alt + Down Arrow> Tab           Navigate through the pages options, menu items, or “drop down” lists

Esc       Closes an open menu in the loop.

Shift + F10       Opens the shortcut menu for the selected item

tab       Navigate from element to element on the current screen

SharePoint Development Company the USA

Why Should I use SharePoint in My Organization?

First of all, over three-quarters of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft SharePoint. Though they do not use it for closely the same reason, it also proves the fact that the use of SharePoint is flexible. The trickiest part to understand in SharePoint is that it is not any one software product by the Microsoft. Rather, it is a platform which in-houses a collection of software programs that are used differently by different organizations. SharePoint is not something that you buy and install on your system but rather it is a backend control system that binds different computers of your employees and also their mobile devices together. It binds the individual efforts into one collection and allows synchronization between all the individual efforts to be seen as one.

SharePoint Managed Services

The reason behind the SharePoint development is to systematize an enterprise or company with thousands of employees in a number of locations in such a way that irrespective of their location, they are all connected to each other like they are working under the same office. It consists of a collection of several Web-Parts and applications from the SharePoint development services that are used to systematize the work around any business. Here are some ways organizations use SharePoint to organize their working:

  • SharePoint as an intranet application
  • Document sharing and access
  • Collaboration is easy with SharePoint
  • Use SharePoint to connect and share with outside businesses
  • Not only the private intranets/extranets, you can build the public sites too

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