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Welcome to Prakash SharePoint workflow solutions. SharePoint Workflow aims at collaborating documents and managing project tasks by implementing business process on documents and items in a SharePoint site. Workflow caters organizations to ensure the consistent business growth and improve potential of firm and management through several steps. SharePoint workflow enables you to manage your task dexterously and lets you to concentrate in performing your task.

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Workflow acts wonderfully while describing series of tasks that is responsible for a brilliant outcome. SharePoint workflow helps you to build a smoother streamline by using the Microsoft share point products and technologies. Prakash software has defined niche considering automated movement of documents or items through a sequence of actions or tasks related to business organization. It helps in constantly managing the common business tasks within an organization by enforcing the firm to attach business logic to documents or elements in the SharePoint list or library. Business logic is considered as the set of instructions that instructs and controls the actions resulting in the final outcome of the document.

Latest SharePoint workflow features Include:

  • Office Visio SharePoint Workflows
  • Site Workflows & Reusable Workflows
  • Workflow Templates in SharePoint Designer
  • Pluggable Workflows
  • Customizing the Out-of-Box Workflows
  • Task Processing Customization

Right when the document authors starts working on document of a particular library, the workflow enhances document approval tasks, assigns the tasks to participant, send them email alerts regarding instruction and the link of documents which needs to be improved. SharePoint workflow works incredibly with the workflow participants and owner. The best of SharePoint workflow is that the owner can keep all the track record of progress of work, and check the status of the workflow and get updated with the completion of the work. You are always notified about the completion of task by workflow participants so that you access to it without delay.

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