SharePoint Portal Development Services

Portals and Intranet solutions provide only information for staff long gone state of the art. Microsoft SharePoint offers a comprehensive portal solution the possibility to develop cooperation within and outside your organization more efficient. The data and information exchange as well as many procedures and processes can with SharePoint are optimized – and not only for your employees but also in cooperation with partners and customers.

Based on SharePoint, we will develop an optimally matched to your business platform – whether an individual portal solution, an entire Intranet or Extranet for your partners and customers. We pay attention not only on the functional components of corporate communication, interaction, collaboration and document management but also on your individual corporate design and the overall user experience, so that your SharePoint Portal fits perfectly into your business and brings maximum efficiency.


SharePoint Portals

SharePoint offers many features to work together as a team to documents or to make these available to others, such as adjust access permissions or versioning, working with document templates and subscription-based notifications of updates. Combined with OneDrive documents can even taken offline and once it is possible to synchronize again.

Features for your intranet

Social Intranet

Integrate new communication channels and direct feedback mechanisms into your enterprise portal and link the knowledge of your employees.

Digital Workplace

Make it easy for employees to access all the relevant knowledge and application resources.

Virtual Home

Make your SharePoint intranet to a virtual home for your employees. Communicate your corporate identity, regardless of location and work your employees and create a sense of togetherness.

Knowledge Center

Create your intranet portal a knowledge-Center, are bundled, networked and archived in the knowledge and information and can be made available to all employees permanently.

Modern Corporate

Establish modern communication structures in your business and engage your employees about your Social Intranet directly into the corporate communication.

Team & Project Work

Support the team and project work of your employees through the collaborative functions of a social intranet.


Bundle the flood of information and make your employees the relevant information clearly in your SharePoint Intranet represents.

Corporate Design

Show on the intranet your corporate identity – a corporate portal in your individual corporate design.

SharePoint Portal Development

 Mobile Access

Give your employees access to your corporate portal regardless of the location and the terminal used, make your intranet mobile.

Responsive Design

Ask fits you represent for the respective terminal and increase and improve the content of your intranet portal you so mobile access.

Idea and Innovation Management

Use the Social Intranet to implement a professional idea and innovation management in your company.

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