To their customers and partners, the company is primarily associated with a range of services or goods. But every business has a downside – the internal organization of activity. From how been established collaboration employees, it depends largely on the “face” of the company in the market.

Why do you need a corporate portal?

Creation of a portal in the company will significantly facilitate and improve internal operations staff. So, the most obvious benefits of the creation of the portal give the following questions:

  • Collaborate on documents
  • Current structure of the company
  • Birthdays and Celebrations
  • Corporate Social Network

Why is the creation of a corporate portal on SharePoint profitable basis?

The SharePoint – is recognized all over the world a platform to create portals. It means:

Investment protection

Easy access to information

Tight integration with Microsoft products

A comprehensive solution for collaboration

Why do you need an individual creation of the portal?

You want to show the company’s identity, and then you need not the typical portal “like everyone else.” You need a powerful unique solution – a corporate portal, which will unite your company, will become part of the culture and philosophy of all employees. The only true way out – is to create a portal, a fully developed “under you”, in accordance with the needs of your company – from design to concrete blocks, structure, content, functionality.

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SharePoint – the main specialization of our company. Our services for creating portals approached by companies from various industries with a variety of tasks on the collaboration of users.

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