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SharePoint Online is a Cloud based service helps you manage your documents online. It is quicker and simple as everything is designed to be on Cloud. It lets you to create sites and share documents and information with the employees, colleagues and customer. The best part of SharePoint online is that it helps you to share and important documents faster as well as both online and offline.

SharePoint Online Key Features:

  • Manage and share important documents Online and Offline
  • With SharePoint online, keep your team synchronized with ongoing project
  • Stay up to date with company information and news
  • Invite external people to work on existing documents and projects
  • Integrate it with various Microsoft Office Applications
  • Share documents securely with partners, team-mates and clients

Benefits of Adopting SharePoint Online:

  • As it is on Cloud, It is secure from System crash
  • It is simple to use as it has predefined interface
  • Stay up to date with company information and news
  • Interacting with Document Online makes team work faster
  • It Saves Time and Space both

It allows you to create personal documents and information. Moreover, you can manage a site which is absolutely personal and handle documents online, with a more updated version. SharePoint online is suitable for both the small scale business as well large industry professionals. They can easily focus on the set-up and helps in marketing your business.

Why Prakash Software Solutions for SharePoint Online?

Prakash Software Solutions is a renowned and trustable name in the niche of SharePoint 365. Prakash Software Solutions aims at making the cloud work for your business. As an integral section of office days, its works 365 days and makes you work easily on the both offline and online basis. SharePoint online has the options of making personal team use as well as shared team use, and also document libraries which is a centre of SharePoint. Further, uploading documents without internet is not a concern with SharePoint online. You can simply drag the document one place to any browser. You can easily dig up through the libraries and fine useful documents. Searching all documents without any specification of folder, and hence, save it from different sorts of hierarchy. Thus, it is as easier as finding your dearest friend on Facebook.

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