SharePoint Online is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite and with cloud-based services can be accessed anywhere from a PC, Tablet, Smartphone, or other device with an internet connection. Microsoft Office 365 – a cloud-based service – is a very reliable and secured platform which has increased the productivity. Collaborating across offices, branches across various time zones and continents has become very fast and easy due to SharePoint Online services thereby saving time and increasing profitability. SharePoint Online has made the sharing of documents, spreadsheets and vital business data seamless. Several SharePoint Consulting Services recommend Office 365 SharePoint online to increase the business productivity.

SharePoint Online developed in 2001 from Microsoft to integrate content and manage document through intranet and is used in association with Microsoft suite. It has gone through several layers of changes to imbibe essential and useful features of process integration, social networking functionalities, business intelligence tools, system integration capabilities, to newly evolved SharePoint 2013 which is offered with Office 365. This includes enhanced and exciting features in document management, social media and search functionality.

SharePoint Online

Since inventions of servers it has been a regular feature in top offices to have in-house data center to store data. Cloud based services has revolutionized this process. Due to Cloud based services there is a shift from on-premises services to cloud based services because organizations need not have to manage hardware and software updates or manage those organizations hosting those servers.

Additional benefits are accessing data from any location has become easier, more advanced collaborative applications. Cloud based services help in delivering hardware or software resources through internet or similar kind of network. One can thus say that cloud is the space out there in the internet and not a data center or physical server storing content which can be accessed, shared or can be collaborated.

The Cloud based services has helped the business organizations to offload the time spent on managing the database of their business resulting in focus on more significant issues.

Microsoft Office 365 is cloud based service which is ultimate combination of Office 365 SharePoint online, Office and Microsoft Exchange. Any organization willing to collaborate in-house or with its associates can opt for Office 365 SharePoint Online with its features such as email and conferencing, Web apps, Storage to communication services. Features such as office at anyplace, social network features, do-it-yourself business intelligence and smooth coordination, industry-leading cloud security makes Office365 SharePoint Online a superior alternative.

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SharePoint Online is a profitable alternative since platform upgrades, storage space, extranet deployments and occasional server crash being some of the drawbacks for traditional on-premises methods. Microsoft Office 365 combines with SharePoint Online to form potent option to on-premises methods.

SharePoint Online on-premise requires successful implementation at each phase to meet any business or technical requirement and for this successful implementation a reliable and competent SharePoint Consulting services are essential. From initial planning to design, implementation, configuration, customization and later when it goes live or even after it is live, to manage services a proficient SharePoint consulting services is helpful.

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