Developing portals for intranets

Intranet technologies are increasingly part of the communications system for the business. Creating intranets dictates a time when outsourcing is given more and more tasks. Intranet portals have become the best solution for large corporations that combine offices physically located not only in different cities, but also countries.

Intranet technologies allow access to information and documents simultaneously, and in a pending edit mode, which is especially important for companies that have offices in areas with different time zones.

You can put a video on the Intranet, to organize an online conference at a convenient time and access to it is only for employees, information security when using intranet technologies has the highest level.

Intranet technology as a business decision

Intranet technologies remove restrictions on the number of users of the resource, while maintaining confidentiality and ensuring maximum protection of data and documents.

Corporate Portals typically include intranet sector, access to which have only invested with the necessary authority employees.

Intranet technologies allow

Provide a minimum amount of time in the course of acquaintance to the right audience with the information and documents that the most important in the process of harmonization of decisions;

Store the data indefinitely, to facilitate search of the necessary information, the ability to get help;

Reduce the time required for the introduction of new technologies, to facilitate and accelerate the learning process, training of staff;

Use a familiar interface using Internet technology features that provide peace of mind in the system for staff without special training.

That’s intranet portal provides a unique opportunity structured access to information and documents, with the maximum level of its protection.

Intranet technology will help in the organization of work with documents for business partners, not devoting their trade secrets of the company.

Corporate Intranet Portals – a powerful modular system to adapt the structure of the portal as possible to the particular business and change it with the least amount of effort, with the company’s restructuring.

SharePoint Intranet Portal Development

The company Prakash Software has a unique experience in the development and creation, as well as support and maintenance of intranet portals for different areas of business: real estate, finance, retailers, legal services and more.

Developing an intranet system, our specialists depending on the tasks can implement Microsoft SharePoint platform or develop unique solutions based on CMS management systems. Compliance with these principles, the company’s specialists “Planet CMS» enables to maximize the effectiveness of your company’s communication and implementation of the organization of business plans.

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