SharePoint Intranet Development Services

SharePoint Consulting

We advise you in all phases of a SharePoint project. By selecting the appropriate SharePoint Edition to adapt to your needs. Our agile methodology ensures fast results.

SharePoint Solutions

We develop professional SharePoint solutions. With agile methodology: Pragmatic and opportunistic basis. Where possible we use only board means, so that the solutions remain upgradeable.

Intranet concept

Each SharePoint is different: The navigation structure, the first tools as the employees work. We develop with you the right concept, so that employees love their intranet.

SharePoint Infrastructure

We plan, implement and configure your SharePoint infrastructure to best practices.

SharePoint Mobile

Access to the iPad, data update to the iPhone, offline use with Windows Mobile.

SharePoint Intranet Solution

We design and develop your Intranet

To ensure that your intranet meets the needs that you have on your enterprise platform, we support you in all areas from the start. Most rich some adjustments in SharePoint to solve many tasks. But sometimes it takes bit longer or special solutions for special requirements. Ask us and be inspired, like a really good intranet can make the workflow of your business more effectively.

Manage documents

Improve the management, access and retrieval of your data with SharePoint. Never again embarrassed documents or even accidentally delete. We show you how.

Search the Intranet

Search your employees rather than with Google in the intranet? We help to ensure that your employees will find everything on the intranet, the ERP, on the file server and the Internet.


SharePoint is the ideal collaboration platform (collaboration tool). It allows working simultaneously on documents to gather information, exchange and more.

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