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Modern management style is characterized by the need for executives to engage more deeply in her life. A typical leader is not only limited to the function of the global decision-making but also seeks to participate in business processes at every stage and to keep under control all the important issues.

Keep pace with everything and everywhere – the main task of the modern manager

Endless meetings, negotiations, meetings … In between, you need to have time to read the documents, to delegate assignments to make decisions. Work schedule of the modern head painted on the clock, and any unforeseen delay breaks all the plans. As a result, the application for approval to participate in the tender does not have time and again postponed consideration of the budget until the next meeting.

Rational use of working time manager – this issue is relevant today as ever. Such modern automation systems as a platform the Microsoft the SharePoint can effectively organize your workflow by providing the top management of the necessary environment and tools for the management of the company.

How can SharePoint be useful to the head?

Making decisions

Companies in which decisions are made solely head becomes smaller. All the more clearly a tendency to collective management practices. They are accompanied by discussion and debate, both among managers and with the involvement of staff responsible for the execution of tasks. Not always all stakeholders have an opportunity to come together. Not necessarily their jobs are in the same building or even city. For companies in which the board adopted a collegial format, the question of operational cooperation at the decision-making process becomes particularly important.

SharePoint allows you to move the whole process of decision-making in a single virtual environment on the corporate portal. For the head of such a portal will be the single entry point for consideration and decision-making with the ability to view the entire list of tasks, ask additional questions, delegate tasks, to initiate discussions. For artists – it is a guarantee that the decision will be timely because the system will remind the busy head of his duties.

Control over fulfillment of orders

Regular meetings, committees, and meetings are inherently present in the daily work of Management, the top of any company. Their organization and follow-up of decisions taken often spend a lot of time and resources.

Initiation of issues, drawing up the agenda, the automatic assignment and notification of those responsible for the implementation of decisions, report generation – all of these steps can be easily automated in SharePoint. This business process automation will save resources and significantly reduce the risk of errors due to inattention or forgetfulness employees.

Head of the organization of working space

However much may be at the head of the tasks and areas of responsibility, SharePoint offers a convenient and intuitive way to organize the work with them. Personal profile top manager can flexibly adjust to the current needs. The calendar is convenient to plan working meetings and set goals subordinates. Access to corporate information and news are available precisely when it is needed. Decision-making, obtaining the necessary analytical data, harmonization of documentation, standards, and budgets – from SharePoint, your company will have in your hand!

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The possibility of direct communication with employees

Even a small company, consisting of several dozen people, ordinary employees do not always have the opportunity to freely communicate with the management of production issues. In the best case, such communication is present unilaterally – from the top down as head of appeals to subordinates in various ways (speeches at meetings, email lists and the like).

Registration ideas and suggestions from employees on the SharePoint portal – is an opportunity to hear and be heard. Even in large corporations, so-called Idea Box is easily erased communication barriers between managers and subordinates.

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