SharePoint for IT

Platform Microsoft SharePoint Server allows large enterprise customers to respond quickly to the constant changes in the business environment, to optimize the company’s expenses on technical support, as well as improve the efficiency of IT staff and all other users of the system. SharePoint deployment of the company will significantly save time and efforts of the staff, freeing them from routine low-productivity work.

SharePoint installation can be performed on an internal server or by an external company, locally or as a hosted service (eg, SharePoint Online).

Benefits of SharePoint implementation

For employees of the IT department benefits of implementing Microsoft SharePoint undeniable. Among them are the following:

Improved administration of SharePoint Server

Installing Microsoft SharePoint provides a number of advantages due to the fact that the version of Microsoft SharePoint Server includes many new features and extended monitoring functions for server administrators. SharePoint administrators can now track, monitor and, if necessary, to intervene in a number of user processes right from your workplace, which is why SharePoint setting under the current business goals becomes easy and flexible.

Easy user management

Due to changes in the basis of Microsoft SharePoint IT professionals significantly increase their productivity, reduce the energy consumption of many user profiles management processes, functions, access rights, etc. This effect is achieved thanks to the new Administration site, a new SharePoint server farm monitoring capabilities, as well as with support for SharePoint Power Shell.

Full integration with Microsoft Office and Exchange

Installing SharePoint Server provides seamless integration with Microsoft Office applications, Exchange Server, and unified communications tools in the enterprise.

The scalable architecture of SharePoint Server

Base SharePoint is a scalable, unified architecture. This architecture significantly increases the speed, convenience in managing user lists and data, increases the level of protection of information, etc… Architecture services in Microsoft SharePoint and more refined and improved.

  • Firstly, it is extensible, it is possible to build new services and add them to the platform.
  • Secondly, the SharePoint database allows to efficiently manage services such as “My Sites”, “Search” and “taxonomy”.
  • Third, for SharePoint, it implemented the regulation of resources, which improves performance and protect server availability.

Flexible Options SharePoint Server implementation

Also, an upgraded platform has wide SharePoint implementation capabilities. This effect is achieved by means of quick and easy to install and configure SharePoint, coherent and predictable upgrade path from Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Office SharePoint Server. Well, SharePoint migration is faster in the new version with minimum effort and time.

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Built-farm monitoring tools

The base is equipped with a built-in SharePoint state analyzer that helps find and fix system errors. This universal mechanism allows monitoring of the SharePoint server farm and immediately corrects any errors in the system. The error of any of the servers, you can easily find and fix on the page “Problems and Solutions” in the main administrative unit SharePoint 2010 database.

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