How to Create SharePoint Development Environment?

With the increasing popularity and a rapid rate of adoption of Microsoft SharePoint in the software industry as well as in the other industries, there has been a significant increase in the number of project management over the past few years that target SharePoint environments.

As more and more companies and organizations begin to use applications, there is an influx of professional developers who are migrating to Microsoft SharePoint from the other development platforms.

To create a SharePoint project management environment, guidance documentation is designed which contains detailed examples, and a reusable class library. Solution developers and architects follow the guidance document for making the right decisions and continue with the right practices when designing and developing applications.

SharePoint Application Development Company

This guidance document contains key areas which are important to understand for a developer or architect while developing applications.

Guidance Documentation

Designing and developing rich, robust SharePoint applications can be challenging sometimes. The guidance documentation which helps in developing SharePoint applications is divided into four core sections:

  • Application Foundations for SP – This section describes the approaches to meet the challenges of testability, flexibility, configuration, logging and exception handling, and maintainability.
  • Execution Models in SharePoint – provides technical insights into the mechanics of the full-trust execution environment, the sandbox execution environment, and various hybrid approaches to executing code in SharePoint applications.
  • Data Models in SharePoint – explains external data functionality, key design decision points that can help the developers to choose between standard lists and external lists.
  • Client Application Models in SharePoint – This section provides guidance on how to use the new client-side functionality with Silverlight and Ajax to access data and build richer client experiences.

The key observation in SharePoint project management is that the developers do not have to create SharePoint applications as Microsoft SharePoint Foundation already provides the applications that developers target in their development efforts. Instead, they extend applications and websites that are created by the underlying platform.

SharePoint development Platform helps to Create Specialized Services

The project management platform also provides several other developer opportunities to create specialized components and services, which are as follows:

  • Timer jobs
  • Custom Windows PowerShell snap-ins
  • Custom navigation providers
  • Custom claim providers
  • .NET assembly connectors
  • Sandboxed solution validators
  • Trusted proxies for sandboxed solutions
  • Excel Services user-defined functions
  • Custom web services
  • Service applications


The platform has been associated with intranet, content management and document management but recent versions have significantly broader capabilities. It is the dominant software for creating organizational intranets with a recent survey indicating that around 50% of all intranets are developed using SharePoint.

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