SharePoint Services

Support services for Microsoft SharePoint, the IT platform for internal and external communication and collaboration

Internal and external communication and cooperation are essential pillars of the modern economy and often subsumed under the term Enterprise 2.0: the open, yet controlled sharing of knowledge and information between employees, business partners and customers, regardless of location and time determined in many cases, the competitiveness of organization, but this also often face great technological challenges.

Microsoft SharePoint offers a variety of efficient and effective solution scenarios, making it a popular and effective way to address these challenges. But it is also a not to be underestimated technology.

SharePoint Strategy

The SharePoint strategy defines the basic orientation of your SharePoint solution architecture: how should the organization be supported, which components are required, how should future SharePoint implementation integrated into the corporate IT and how will the future work areas and information managed? The SharePoint strategy is based primarily on the overall business strategy provides the same but also important impulses and possibilities for optimization of the organizational and operational structure.

SharePoint Software Development

Introduction & Support

The SharePoint solution must be initially set up and regularly maintained. This applies depending on the features to clarify a number of important issues and implement, for example, the fundamental architecture, templates, taxonomy, Branding (CI / CD) or interfaces.

However, the introduction in the organization should be gradual. It means changes to which they should be introduced cautiously for some employees. The quality of implementation is determined more their subsequent economic success than with other IT components with collaboration tools.

Consulting & Project Management

Project management is yet not necessarily applied to every company as a core competency. But SharePoint projects are often quite complex projects and include technological, process and organizational issues.

The huge operational benefits and value propositions offer SharePoint solutions can only be fully effective if they are properly taken into account in the business processes and IT operations. This means that SharePoint projects are usually also change projects.

Integration with ERP & Business Apps

SharePoint solutions create workspaces, team rooms (communities) and portals for employees and for communication with external business partners. They serve the exchange and storage of structured and unstructured information in projects, departments or on specific issues – thus creating an important basis for knowledge management in the organization.

They form the basis and at the same time a hub in the operational cooperation of people. Therefore, they are not to be considered as stand-alone solutions through integration with other core enterprise applications, including ERP systems, groupware, development systems, and so the efficiency and the value proposition of SharePoint infrastructure can be further increased considerably.

Individual developments

SharePoint offers a variety of ways through which can be generally most requirements implemented very quickly and my minor adjustments. Still very specific functions or processes (workflows) are needed again and again, to be deeply intertwined with the information and processes of an organization.

Again, SharePoint provides ideal conditions and almost limitless possibilities. Based on the already deeply integrated innately in corporate IT functions very powerful applications and enhancements with intuitive and familiar user interfaces can be created.

SharePoint Application Development Services

Our skilled SharePoint developers offer consultation, development, migration, customization and support for installations for wide-ranging clients across various industries.

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