Corporate portal

Enterprise Portal – this is an internal company website, with which completely solved the problem of intra-data communications. Internal corporate portal is essentially a single “window” access for employees of all information flows in the company; it is very practical and easy to use.

Advantages of Enterprise Portal

For medium and large companies with a large number of employees, agents and customers and extensive branch structure introduction of corporate portal is no longer a luxury but a real necessity. A well-functioning internal enterprise portal makes each employee an average saving of 30% of their time searching for the required information or documentation for each customer, employee or transaction, which significantly increases the competitive advantage for any company.

Enterprise Portal and the benefits of its use

Creating a corporate portal in the company significantly facilitates the work of all employees of the organization and has many advantages in solving business problems for different types of enterprise users.

Development of a corporate portal

Creating enterprise portal – it’s a great opportunity for the company ahead of the competition and increase the speed and quality of customer service. The most popular and promising platform for the development of the portal is a Microsoft SharePoint through extensive features and great practice implementations.

SharePoint Corporate Portal Development

Our advantages in the creation of the portal

Thanks to the experience gained by the development company portals and staff highly skilled programmers, we know how to make the internal website for employees facilitate the work of employees, significantly saves time and ensures a rapid return on investment from the implementation of the portal.

Before creating a portal company, we necessarily hold professional expert research company; reveal the actual needs and problems of all the company’s departments, sound, technical project for the development of a corporate portal, allowing the creation of the portal and its implementation take place quickly and efficiently.

Order a corporate portal demonstration

Tell us about your goals and objectives, and we will show you examples of the SharePoint portals, will help you develop and implement efficient working a corporate portal.

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