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What is the best path to the SharePoint for your organization? How do you know which applications to host in the SharePoint —and which SharePoint features are the best fit? There are many different SharePoint features and it can be daunting to figure out what exactly your company needs.

First step towards SharePoint Adoption is to have the right strategy and complete SharePoint Road Map in place. Our SharePoint consultants know this and can help you form a plan for your SharePoint implementation to help our clients accelerate their journey to the SharePoint, transform IT and reduce operational costs. Our consultants work with you to assess the suitability of your need for the SharePoint, and define a strategy and roadmap for transformation and growth through focus on various areas like:

  • Strategy Definition and Transformation Roadmap
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Suitability of Assets

Typical activities involved in our SharePoint consulting are:

  • Assessment
  • Enablement
  • Migration
  • Optimization

The result will be a strategic plan that guides your organization so that you may leverage the benefits of SharePoint while minimizing the downside risks, with deliverables like:

  • SharePoint Readiness Assessment
  • SharePoint Implementation Roadmap
  • SharePoint Management and Support Plan
  • Risks and Mitigates

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