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Nothing is more crucial than having accurate data and conclusions in any business which helps to take future decisions like Managing finance, Future growth, Strategy planning, further ventures and of course Business Pathway to reach pinnacle of success. These crucial data and conclusions come from Data Reports and Business Analysis.

SharePoint Helps to have such transparent accurate reports and detail analysis of your running business with its Business Intelligence Software.

Highlights of SharePoint business intelligence Software:

  • Assemble data from multiple sources and publish reports, List and KPIs on the Web
  • Link to various Business Applications like SAP & Microsoft SQL Server
  • Exclusive Report Center to store and Share your Reports Centrally
  • Get Custom environment with SharePoint
  • For Reports, it supports Microsoft Office Excel workbooks, SQL Server Reporting Service and a Microsoft Office Access Reporting too

Why Prakash Software Solutions for SharePoint Business Intelligence?

Since the stating era of SharePoint Technology, Prakash Software Solution offers world class SharePoint software development and solutions to its Clients. We have clients from various parts of globe and we are proud of delivering best custom SharePoint Solutions to match their needs and requirements. From many SharePoint services that Prakash Software Solutions offers, SharePoint Business Intelligence is one important service that most of companies and Organization demands.

We offer custom SQL Server Reporting Service, SQL server analysis service, SQL Server RDBMS and SQL Server Integration mainly. Our SharePoint Business Intelligence service includes:

Smart Reporting: With SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Online and Business Intelligence Software, we work with great scalability to offer you critical minor information access as quick as possible. Microsoft Office Excel workbooks, SQL Server Reporting and Microsoft Office Access are compatible with SharePoint Business Intelligence Software.

Excel Reporting: We provide Rich Excel Reporting Service with which you can store your reports on Report Center and share them easily with your team mates and decision makers. This Excel platform has very easy user interface and great capacity to connect with End users easily.

Rapid data visualization for Better Reporting: Pictures are always easy to understand than text; and we know that. To give you better reporting experience, SharePoint Business Intelligence provides reports with charts, graphs and figures. With this feature, decision making process will be faster and accurate.

Easy Dashboard: SharePoint business intelligence has easy dashboard to assemble and display information from various reports, lists and charts. One can create custom dashboard using various Web parts available on SharePoint Business Intelligence like Excel Web Access, KPI List, Apply Filters (Button), Related Information, Summery and Contact Details.

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