Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

For over 10 years, SharePoint has been supporting the most versatile and powerful application platform in its development.

Application platform? Yes, application platform, since SharePoint is much more than a CMS, DMS or a collaboration tool. Thanks to the technical versatility, simultaneous robustness, and easy scalability, SharePoint is the ideal starting point for the solution of modern and future-oriented applications.


Seamless access to relevant information. DC constant and optimal user friend Lich ness through responsive SharePoint environments.

Digital processes

Consistent processes through holistic management, template provisioning, and automation.

Document management

More than just file storage. Optimization of the life cycle from information creation to archiving. Naturally revision-proof.

SharePoint Developers USA


Enterprise search technology. Search for integrated search portals and search-driven applications.


Consistent SharePoint integration into existing system landscapes. Flexible and compatible with, for example, SAP or Dynamics.

How we work

Although requirements are similar and often components or expertise from previous projects can be used, no project like the other and each customer are different. However, what we have been able to take from over experience is a tried-and-tested approach, in which we are oriented in all our projects. The approach model is framed by a two-stage conceptual phase (course/detail concept) as well as a two-stage quality assurance phase at the end of the implementation. The implementation itself is based on our agile model.

Do you want to look behind the scenes and learn a bit more about this approach? We would be pleased to arrange a non-binding appointment, in which we present our model in detail,

Demo for your application

Do you already have ideas or maybe specific requirements? We are happy to arrange a non-binding appointment, in which we can present you ways to implement your requirements. We certainly have ideas for this.

Creating Continuous Value by Prakash Software

We not only help you understand permanent value from our approach and solutions delivered to you, we also facilitate you to further create continued value in to your customers, partners, and vendors by ensuring we make technology work for you.

Prakash Software also provide SharePoint Development Services in Colorado, Tennessee, Ohio, Wisconsin, Oregon, South Carolina, Maryland, New York, Connecticut, Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Nebraska, Utah, Indiana, Kansas, Montana