Surely you know the situation, when in the midst of the meeting in the meeting room are invading your colleagues, arguing that it was at this time they are scheduled to meet. The reason for the misunderstanding is only in the fact that the secretary had forgotten to make an entry in the magazine room reservation.

The administrative staff of any organization on a daily basis are faced with many similar everyday tasks. If they are not automated, it can often take away a lot of time and effort. Constant failures in their implementation will certainly become a cause of discontent staff. Fortunately, the SharePoint allows for easier implementation of administrative functions, placing this routine on a computer.

What can administrative processes be automated in SharePoint?

  • SharePoint is a flexible and user-friendly platform for the automation of processes of any complexity:

Office management and document management

  • Registration of incoming and outgoing correspondence,
  • Registration and registration of legal documents (contracts, agreements, contracts, etc.)
  • Registration and registration of financial documents (invoices, estimates, etc.);

Economic activity

  • Custom business cards,
  • Custom stationery,
  • Custom furniture, equipment,
  • Application for repairs
  • Subscriptions to periodicals;

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The functions of the secretariat

  • Check out service transport and taxis,
  • Tickets,
  • Hotel reservations,
  • Custom badges,
  • Registration for business trips,
  • Sending correspondence;

Share Management

  • Book meeting rooms,
  • Organization of audio and video conference.

Why process automation in SharePoint user-friendly?

For users of the process of registration of any of the applications listed above will be to fill a simple form with the required fields. All other actions the system will perform itself. Access to the form is carried out via a standard web browser.

Let’s take as an example, consider booking a meeting room

What are the advantages of automation of administrative processes?

Companies’ automation of administrative processes provides benefits such as:

  • Reduction of enterprise costs associated with inefficient management processes,
  • Saving staff time by reducing the number of written queries and simplify the approval procedures,
  • Reducing the number of errors due to “human factor”, and reduce the risk of damage – both material and the loss of confidence of partners and customers,
  • The possibility to control all stages of implementation of the application, in Vol. h. The performance of individual actions certain employee.
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