Mobility in business necessarily rhymes with additional security risks. If an employee is used to working from his iPad or using his smartphone during his business trips, you cannot prevent him from using them without causing great frustration. But how to secure these different devices to enable their use while maintaining the integrity of the company’s data?

A recent trend in business is to involve employees more by allowing them to use their own electronic devices. In addition to the Atlantic, we speak of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), a real revolution in professional habits. The evolution of peripherals is such that a company cans no longer stay up to date with the latest technology on all fronts. Allowing employees to use their own devices is, therefore, an obvious solution. But it is therefore very important to alert your employees about the security risks, but also to offer them total protection to ensure safe mobility.

Limit security risks in business with EMS

Microsoft EMS Enterprise Mobility + Security can help you greatly reduce security risks and at the same time make it easier for me to use new devices within the organization. This security solution is broken down into 4 major aspects: identity and access management, device and application management, information protection and behavior analysis to anticipate risks.

Enterprise Mobility Security (EMS) makes it easier to use applications and devices while keeping business data safe!

Data Security and Identity Management

The features of the Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite

The EMS suite is based on multiple Microsoft security components such as:

  • Intune
  • Azure Information Protection
  • Azure active directory Premium
  • Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)
  • Cloud App Security
  • Duo Security

Currently, only the EMS suite offers a complete turnkey solution and simple management for IT departments. Key features include access control, real-time cloud protection, full access security, and advanced threat detection with anticipation of user behavior. All devices are supported on all operating systems to secure iOS, Macintosh, Chrome OS, Android, etc.

EMS, a solution adaptable to all devices!

The big novelty of this solution is its wide scope of data security for your business. Enterprise Mobility + Security gives you protection in and out of your infrastructure, whether it’s in the cloud or on-premise.

You will never need to lock a device type or a certain application; your management will be granular while having a fast and accurate vision of your IT infrastructure.

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