With the new SharePoint mobile app, we’re working to deliver your intranet in your pocket. Today we’ll look at how you can use the new SharePoint app to access and stay connected to significant content, sites, portals, and people from your intranet while you’re on the go.

Today you can access many SharePoint experiences from a mobile browser, but we started this project because we think we can make this easier, faster, and also more powerful with a mobile app experience. The SharePoint app will be available for Windows, IOS, and Android this year, and it will connect to your environment whether you’re using Office 365 in the cloud, SharePoint 2013 or 2016 on premises, as well as with hybrid deployments.

The mobile and intelligent intranet come together across both collaborative team sites and organizational portals in this app, bringing together the productivity of SharePoint team sites, the broadcast reach of publishing sites and portals, and the mission criticality of your most significant business applications, backed by the integration with Office 365 groups, the intelligence of the Office graph, and the security and compliance that you expect from Office 365. These are our new front door applications for SharePoint. They provide a gateway to get to experiences in SharePoint, and I’m excited to walk you through them today.

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