With increased broader capabilities in recent version of SharePoint, organizations are finding it to be a better option than other platforms like Lotus, Oracle, etc. Basically migrating to SharePoint platform is driven by the cost reduction factor and ease of business processes which organizations consider the most critical.

The main reasons which encourage the organizations to deploy SharePoint platform are:

  • A better and impressive ROI after adopting SharePoint basis cost savings related to implementation, administration and business usage of collaboration tools.
  • A significant amount of the savings can be achieved in the initial deployment of SharePoint by leveraging “out of the box” capabilities, which are considered broader than others.
  • The level of flexibility and a faster approach has made SharePoint a success. It helps organizations to organize their processes in a much more efficient way.
  • It gives an easy accessibility to the users which make things simpler; also a key driver in an average increase in user adoption and active usage by business users.
  • Measures the tangible improvements in important business metrics such as collaboration solutions adoption, active usage, productivity and quality time.

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Benefits of migrating to SharePoint

The SharePoint migration adopted by the organizations is influenced by the strategic, economic and business benefits they achieve through the collaboration solutions that SharePoint provides.

  1. Strategic Benefits – Improving Collaboration

SharePoint deployment in the organizations has made it easier for the users to collaborate with the familiar tools they use regularly and also benefits the users to collaborate more easily with their vendors as more of them are on SharePoint. SharePoint deployment is cheaper and comes with myriad features.

  • Improved collaboration among employees and functional teams
  • Standardization of technology infrastructure
  • Better integration with internal or external systems/applications
  1. Economic Benefits- an Increased ROI by Reducing Cost of Ownership
  • The basic costs of deploying, licensing and maintaining SharePoint is less than other platforms.
  • It streamlines content management, security, search, discovery and governance.
  • It tightens integration with the Microsoft stack (ex. Office, Exchange, Messenger, etc.)
  • It reduces the costs associated with ECM platform interoperability
  • It leverages the large and growing SharePoint community for support and best practices
  1. Business Benefits
  • Collaboration solution implementation time (Time to Value) is fairly improved basis on the easier and faster integration with other components such as Active Directory and Exchange.
  • Organizations which had been using other collaboration tools migrated to SharePoint because it has increased their user adoption by an average of 34% basis on the ease of use and familiarity with other Microsoft products.
  • Organizations achieved great improvement in end user business productivity basis on the time savings in using SharePoint for collaboration and content management and enabling them to manage the day to day aspects of managing sites/sub-sites and providing local access controls.

SharePoint management system provides various tools to help organizations to organize, discover, build and manage business processes more smoothly and efficiently and to manage various other important business tasks like data backup, security, facilitate knowledge sharing and managing digital assets. The management system in SharePoint also increases SharePoint’s usability and adoption rate because of the SharePoint customization feature which helps the businesses to meet their demand and streamline their development.

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