Microsoft Office 2016The lifestyle of people has changed with technology and how they work has also had to evolve. Microsoft, aware of the constant mobility, information management across devices and the need to share data, created Microsoft Office and 2016, a powerful and adapted to modern times suite.

OneDrive, better integrated

One of the main new features of Microsoft Office 2016 is the weight that has won OneDrive, the storage service in the cloud Microsoft. It allows access to documents in a virtual disk so that the user can access them from any device, only accessing your account.

A new feature in Outlook, the electronic trading system of Microsoft, the user can attach documents directly from OneDrive.

One document, multiple authors

In the online version of Office Online, users can edit documents with other editors in real time. To start using this feature in Microsoft Office 2016 suite, you will have to save the file in OneDrive.

Once in the cloud, so you just have to invite other users by entering their email address directly in the online version. The editors will receive an email inviting them to participate in editing the document.

Furthermore in order to avoid confusion between the various editions of users, until every user does not save the changes you have made will not display those made by others.

Custom and intelligent applications

The new software suite Microsoft Office 2016 learns the tastes and preferences of users. In addition, you can have a list of recently used documents anywhere, regardless of the device used at any time from Office Online, Office Mobile or desktop applications Office 2016.

Your documents, safer

Applications Microsoft Office 2016 combined with Office 365 includes new capabilities for better protection and security of their business data.

With the functionality Data Loss, will help reduce the risk of leakage of confidential data and the Multi-Factor Authentication provides secure access to content when the professional is outside the corporate network.

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