As a novice to the SharePoint collaborative software, there are a number of questions that may arise: Which terminals can you access your SharePoint server? What kind of documents can you store on this server? Will you have access to it offline? Discover in this article how a SharePoint 2016 platform hosted!

How to access your platform?

Your collaborative space is hosted in our datacenters. You can connect to it from anywhere as long as you have Internet access (ADSL, SDSL, Fiber Optic, Cable, GSM Data 2G, 3G, 4G, Wireless…). You must have your Login / Password unless you have defined areas of your SharePoint in “Anonymous Access” mode (e.g. Web portal).

Which terminals to connect to your SharePoint server?

Almost all terminals are supported because SharePoint is mainly accessible with a Web Browser (IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, etc.). You can connect to it with a PC, Mac, Linux, smartphones iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, tablets. Be aware that the SharePoint 2016 tool has an application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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Storing information about your SharePoint collaborative space

It is important to understand that your collaborative space is not just hard disk storage in the Cloud. Electronic document management is part of the DNA of the SharePoint platform. In the same space, you can combine multiple types of content. To name but a few, you can manage: document libraries, contact lists, calendars, tasks, project schedules, image banks, leave requests, incidents, quotes, contracts, orders, indicators quality, and so on. It is a truly collaborative platform for companies!

Uploading / uploading documents to / from your collaborative space

Document libraries can be accessed via:

– A Web browser

– Windows file explorer or any WebDAV compatible file explorer

– Microsoft’s OneDrive Pro, a cloud-based file storage service (the next version of SharePoint 2016 will be more efficient in terms of integration of SharePoint with OneDrive)

– Office suite 2010/2013

– Outlook 2007/2013 (only download)

Is it possible to view the information contained in your space in “offline” mode?

There is several synchronization modes depending on the terminal used and/or the type of content that you want to synchronize: for example, a project calendar cannot be synchronized in the same way as a document library. Synchronization processes standards are as follows:

  • One Drive Pro: This App for Windows 7 and 8 and Windows Server 2008/2012 allows you to set up two-way synchronization to keep perfect synchronization between SharePoint document libraries and a folder on the user’s computer. Limit: There can be no more than 5000 items per library. It is not recommended to use this tool to synchronize tens of Gigabytes of data between multiple users and SharePoint.
  • Outlook 2010/2013: Outlook is natively planned to connect to SharePoint. It can sync automatically to download only.