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Platform Microsoft SharePoint Server is designed specifically for large corporate customers who are concerned first and foremost with improving the efficiency, speed, and comfort of work of their employees. That is why the SharePoint platform, developers have focused not only on the technical characteristics of efficiency, information security, ease of management in SharePoint Server, but also on ensuring user comfort.

Not the last role was played by access to different browsers (including Safari, traditionally installable on mobile devices and tablets), the creation of conditions for access to documents and, of course, a familiar and intuitive Office SharePoint interface.

SharePoint features for users

Platform advantages of SharePoint for ordinary employees are undeniable. Among them are the following:

Improving productivity

Installing SharePoint Foundation to optimize the work of many departments of the company, reduce the cost of providing technical support, and most importantly – to increase the productivity of each employee.

Familiar Microsoft Office interface

Perhaps, it is difficult to find a more familiar and intuitive for any user interface than MS Office. It is so simple and logical is the Microsoft SharePoint interface. Therefore, for employees of the transition to work in SharePoint occurs extremely quickly. Often learn some new features, operations, and functions, users can without the help of an employee of IT services.

Easy access to data

Work in SharePoint creates excellent conditions for access to frequently used documents, files, personal and public, library, news, production and information processes, personal wiki-links, and others.

Receiving the necessary information

For managing SharePoint Foundation link creates unique opportunities to quickly make responsible and informed business decisions based on the latest news, the most accurate and fresh analyst. And in the case where documentary evidence is not enough, you can quickly find the right experts, using the SharePoint search, to hold an emergency meeting to hear the views with a minimum of precious time.

Quick and easy search

Information Services SharePoint Server can effectively search for users or any data, as well as to avoid duplication of documents that sometimes when searching for necessary information saves time.

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Convenient teamwork

SharePoint Foundation installation allows you to extract the maximum benefit from the collective work, in which there is a constant exchange of experiences, skills, information, and ideas between employees. One of the manifestations of collective work under Microsoft SharePoint is to work together on documents: editing, approval, etc.

The possibilities of social networks in a SharePoint environment

Constantly communicate, finding common interests and creative solutions not only makes the team in a close-knit team but also increases the level of employee motivation. MS SharePoint even allows each employee to establish the current status in your user profile, just like in social networks. For example, if you are very busy, thanks to this SharePoint features you can ask colleagues not to disturb you on trifles.

Employment in the corporate SharePoint from anywhere

Microsoft SharePoint Server can effectively work together as colleagues, located directly in the office or remote users (employees from another branch or users, set access your SharePoint profile on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops).

Availability at any time

With such a wide Microsoft SharePoint capabilities, you will not be late with the preparation of important documents. After all, will always be able to carve out extra time to the deadline to prepare an analytical report, the presentation required contract or any other document. Disease, long-distance trip or shut up on a day the office is not a hindrance for effective work in SharePoint.

SharePoint Development for Administrative Activities

Unlimited possibilities of learning and development

Microsoft SharePoint The creators have made it possible for staff training is practically unlimited and as convenient as possible for the training part, as well as for students. After SharePoint capabilities allow you to quickly create test items, lists of users, include them in the newsletter to communicate to edit, comment on, and monitor the learning process. Multimedia Integration into Microsoft SharePoint allows you to post instructional videos and many other useful materials.

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