Since the global public launch of Office 365 more than four years ago, Microsoft has always been true to its promise to add continuous improvements and innovations to its cloud productivity platform: SharePoint Online. At the same time, the new added capabilities are designed so that users can make use of them from any device whether it is a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a Smartphone. This article shows some of the latest innovations incorporated by Microsoft in the management and use of document and document libraries in SharePoint Online as part of its strategy of continuous improvement and innovation in its productivity platform in the cloud.

News in the management and use of document libraries in SharePoint Online

Since a few weeks ago, when a user accesses their SharePoint Online sites, it is usually “possible” to find that the document libraries of the site have a series of actions that facilitate common tasks without having to go through the Library Tape. And very focused on the tasks that enable these actions can be performed easily from a device type tablet or Smartphone.

The options available vary depending on whether you are accessing the library directly or indirectly through a view in a Web Part:

For the case in which the content of the library is accessed through the corresponding Web Part, the new available options are: “load”, “modify” and “share”.

In the case of direct access to the document library, the following actions are added: “Synchronize” and “Manage”.

If we analyze the options in detail and when they can be used, as with the Library Tape we find two types of actions:

  • Library actions, which include “load” and “synchronize” actions. The “load” action allows you to upload a new document to the document library through the classic SharePoint document upload dialog box. The “synchronize” action allows you to synchronize locally the documents stored in the library using the OneDrive for Business client.
  • Document or folder actions, which include the actions “modify”, “manage” and “share”. The “modify” action allows you to edit the selected document with the corresponding client program (for example, for a Word document, Microsoft Office Word will be opened to edit it). The “administer” option shows all the classic list / library item menu options for the selected document.

Finally, the “share” option opens the dialog that allows you to share the selected document with other users of the site or with external users so that the corresponding e-mail invitation is generated (if this option is left marked when sharing the document).

What’s new in accessing SharePoint Online Documents?

Along with the news regarding the management and use of document libraries, Microsoft has also included other features that improve the experience in accessing documents stored in SharePoint Online site libraries:

When a user preview a document stored in a document library, in addition to being able to view it without having to open it and be able to perform common management and use actions, you have the possibility of facilitating access to it from a mobile device that has a QR code scanning application.

As you can see, along with the URL of the document in SharePoint Online, there is an icon that represents a mobile device. If you click on the icon, a page with the QR code of the document as well as the URL to access it from the browser is shown below.

The QR code can be scanned from an application that reads that type of code on a mobile device. For example, in my case I have a specific application for my iPad Mini. Once the code has been scanned, we can access the document from the mobile device’s browser