Developing corporate intranet portals based on Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 platform

On Microsoft SharePoint 2016 is by far the most popular product, used as a platform for the creation of intranet portals. Extensive use of this web-based platform because the platform architecture allows the flexibility to scale as a portal structure and contents. The modular system allows the organization of content to add / remove different modules independently. User-friendly interface allows you to edit the portal pages by analogy with Word documents. Integration with MS Office provides the ability to work with documents in the web-interface.

The following version of Microsoft SharePoint: SharePoint Server 2016 Standard / Enterprise. Any of the existing editions has broad functionality for collaboration.

Benefits of using Microsoft SharePoint 2016 portal development

The main advantage of the development of a corporate portal based on Microsoft SharePoint 2016 is modular application architecture allows you to build in structural elements of the portal (pages, lists, libraries, etc.) The various modules, both standard and specially designed to provide the individual needs of the customer. To create a custom functionality using standard functional expansion technology (web parts, workflows, special types of fields, etc…), allow to fully take advantage of the platform in the performance of specific improvements. The ability to integrate an Enterprise Portal in the enterprise IT infrastructure provides a common information space.

Portal Administration is a task that falls to the IT department after the introduction of an intranet portal for the enterprise. In this case, how much depends on the administrative tools convenient, how much work is laborious portal administrator, and how fast the users of the portal will receive the changes that they ask the IT department.

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 platform provides an intuitive interface not only for users, but system administrators. All the necessary settings are located in the Ribbon panel, thereby reducing the time to search for a desired item. In the development of special functionality in the package included documentation Administration of special functional.

An important factor is that the Microsoft SharePoint product has a long history of use, starting with SharePoint 2003, respectively, in the labor market; there are many competent specialists to administer the portal.

The cost of creating the portal

The cost depends on many parameters such as the volume of completions special functionality, the need for the introduction of a special design, the need for migration (required if the company already exists SharePoint Portal previous version, and you want to migrate to the transfer of information), and so forth.

To estimate the cost of the development of SharePoint Portal should send us an email with a description of the problem request. Our experts during 1-2 days will conduct a preliminary assessment of the work and, where appropriate, consultation or meeting to clarify requirements.

Significantly reduce development costs can be portal, using ready-made solutions offered by our company.

Stages of creation of the portal

Creating a corporate SharePoint portal is a multifaceted problem that requires taking into account the set of enterprise features, such as the structure, business processes, departments, and so forth. The following steps are performed for the effective implementation of corporate portals.

SharePoint Portal Development Services


– Consulting on standard SharePoint platform capabilities.

– Consulting on possible options to solve business problems using SharePoint technologies.

– Analysis of business problems, identify restrictions.

– Study and approval of the possible embodiments of each of the tasks.

– Development and approval of the terms of reference.

Development of the portal

– Implementation of a special (non-standard) functionality.

– Testing.

– Development of technical documentation.

Implementation of Enterprise Portal

– The SharePoint Implementation.

– The introduction of a special functionality.

– Training and consulting.

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