When many people decide to order a website they doubt whether to choose a custom web development or base their project on predefined payment templates. Those who directly order it without thinking about it run the risk of being given a template at a custom design price and that surprises will arrive after having made the payment. And in other cases, although it is less frequent, the client offers the different options, explaining the characteristics and prices of each one of them, advising which is the most suitable for your project. So, so that you do not take risks, then we will try to clear some doubts about it and get the solution most appropriate to your needs and those of your business.

  1. Structure and programming

If you choose a custom web design from scratch, you should know that it is possible to choose even the smallest detail of the structure, functionalities and appearance of the web. Some series production templates such as one and one have achieved a high degree of customization, but still show the limits of anything prefabricated. This means that when we reach a point, we cannot go further, so most of them end up being very similar between them.

However, when it comes to a forum, an online store or a corporate website, the best option is always the professional template because the large amount of programming that is needed in these cases for a custom web makes the cost is non-cumulative for small and medium businesses.

  1. SEO Positioning

However beautiful our website, if we fail to appear in the top positions of Google, our online store will hardly be profitable. Some templates achieve acceptable levels in this regard, but it is still more difficult to position correctly, so we are likely to end up paying for click-to-go campaigns to gain visibility on Google.

  1. Web Usability

A web page should be able to load fast. Both to achieve a more positive navigation experience and to improve the SEO position of the same. If the page takes more than 6 seconds to load, the user will leave and we will have lost a sale opportunity. And so does Google’s crawler robots. If they arrive and cannot analyze the web, they will ignore it. That is why choosing a good server and hiring a good web developer is critical.

Custom Web Application Development

  1. Pricing and execution time

At this point, the template wins the battle since its price is cheaper and the time to configure the template is also less. On the other hand, the custom design requires more time and knowledge, so the cost is always higher.

  1. Extensions and updating of the web

The templates are usually more rigid so that sometimes you can be complicated or even impossible to carry out modifications. In the case of custom web design, it is possible to make changes and update every aspect of each page to the smallest detail.

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