Microsoft Dynamics AX in the Manufacturing Sector

  1. – Production

Minimize delivery times, meet customer demand and manage your resources to achieve high efficiency of Discrete Manufacturing Operations, Lean Manufacturing and Process Industries. Use the data in real time to track production progress, see the most accurate delivery dates and reduce costs. Execute multiple production strategies, including Configure-to-Order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock and make-to-order manufacturing (Make-to -order).

  1. – Material planning and capacity

Optimizes the production and planning of materials, forecasts and programming. Simultaneously program the materials and capacity. Calculates available for promise (ATP) and deliveries (CTP) with capacity for promise. Plan and execute the Routes and Operations. You can process information based on finite or infinite planning.

  1. – Resource Management

Configuration to Schedule Floor and Trace of materials, labor and resources. Plan resources based on production activities and resource capabilities. The types of resources can be tool, machine, vendor, location and human resources. The resource allocation principles include types of resource requirements: resources (group), type, capacity, skill, courses, certificate and title.

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  1. – Subcontracting

It manages various forms of associating with subcontractors, including the outsourcing of route operations, the elements supplied by the supplier and the provision of an element to subcontractors. Subcontractor link to the purchase order (PO) to the production order.

  1. – List of materials of (BOM)

Create a list of materials for production, including Ghost Items using a graphic designer from the bill of materials. Modify and track the line items. Management of formulas or recipes of various levels, co-products, and sub-products. Allows version control to release the list of approved materials.

  1. – Product configuration

Set up custom products with a single BOM and a single Route using the product configurator. Product configuration models are based on limitations and can be used for sales orders, sales offer, purchase order, and production order.

  1. – Process Routes

Route Management: Simple Plan, sequential and complex networks; uses simultaneous routes in the same network. Use the General-level capacity (rough-cut) and detailed programming capabilities. Organize the production plant into logical production units in individual plants.

  1. – Manufacturing orders

Create, program, view, track, divide, step back the status of orders or categorize production orders to maximize efficiency. Create manufacturing orders for sales orders. Production continues through creation, estimation, schedule, release, started, finished, and with cost indication. Use scrap in the list of materials, resources, and the route.

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  1. – Inventory dimensions for manufacturing by processes

Defines multiple dimensions of inventory, including dual units of measure, agreed to weight calculations, packaging codes, variations to the main item and lots.

  1. – Production costs

It includes the work in progress (WIP) and the real cost through monitoring the production and reporting. Track detailed resources and performance costs, including the costs of the work center. Report on production variations in standard costs.

And as we lacked space to list all the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics AX (This will be covered later in a series of articles), we leave an extra point:

  1. – Production reports

Obtain information on predefined key performance indicators (KPIs) in the SQL Server data analysis hub for production.

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