When you have already made the decision to carry out a software development project for your company or project, the natural question that arises is: And now who do we choose as a supplier? What should I look for or inquire to know if it is appropriate and take me step by step along the way?. Here are some points that can help you decide:

  1. Development methodology

It is essential that the supplier has a development methodology. Development methodologies provide suppliers with processes and procedures that avoid chaos during development, a supplier that does not have a methodology has a high risk of not being successful with development.

  1. There are no more certifications

Although a well-developed and developed methodology enhances the success of the project, a methodology that is not applied or not required to the supplier does not serve much. When a supplier has certifications that are evidenced by evidence of their use, the way to obtain a quality development by landing the defined requirements is very short.

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  1. Is the source code and the data mine or the provider?

Check that the generated source code will belong to, as well as all the information provided. This is a very important criterion since in case of doing business and in the end we decide to leave the relationship and continue on our own or with another provider, it will be necessary to be the owners of the development and data in order to grow or inherit them.

  1. Post-implementation support?

Well, we already did business, and now who can help me? Go beyond implementing and letting the application work, it is an added value that a provider can offer, such as training key system users, giving a course or session on how the system comes to help and not to harm, and that the provider offers as part of the service the on-site support of a specialist who was involved in the development of the system for any doubts or emergencies that happen, are extra points that we should consider in his favor.

  1. Guarantees?

What, how long and under what conditions are software development ensured? Reviewing the warranty sections with which the supplier operates is a criterion that we must take into account, otherwise we may find ourselves with surprises in situations such as The system is presenting the following details !, and listen to the supplier ah leave me I quote how much it costs you to correct it! Is not an answer that we would like very much? Although there are conditions where the guarantees do not apply, it is important to know which ones apply and under what terms.

  1. Get to know him more

It visits the offices of your provider, asks the details of the team that will participate and talks with them, that you do not regret to inquire about the customers that the supplier has attended; talking with them can give us valuable information that will help us to decide if we want to be partners of business.

As you can see, it is only some important criteria that if you take into account you can find a provider that will surely lead you to success in your project without so many stumbling blocks along the way.

If you are about to start a software development project, you are looking for solutions in information systems or Application development and you have doubts on this topic, I invite you to contact us.

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