Reduce your costs without investing, use always available and secure applications, have the latest news, improve the efficiency of your teams … Discover in detail the 10 advantages of a Hosted Exchange 2016 messaging solution!

  1. Increase the productivity of your employees

Without investing, you’ll be able to use powerful high-availability and secure applications to improve your efficiency and that of your employees. By going beyond the simple exchange of emails and adding collaborative features to your email:

  • Sharing calendars
  • Planning and delegation of tasks
  • Centralization of contacts
  • Sharing Information with Exchange Public Folders
  • 24/7 access to your webmail Exchange mail

In this way, you will reduce the waste of time and increase the productivity of your employees, to the delight of everyone! Losing time on tasks without added value is never particularly motivating…

Some employees of the company often move: thanks to different nomadic modes of access to consult the information contained in the messaging is easily done from any PC connected to the Internet or from a smartphone (iPhone, HTC, Nokia, ASUS , Sony Ericsson, Samsung, …) under Android or iOS or from any tablet (Ipad, Galaxy Notes, Microsoft Surface, …).

  1. Save time with Hosted Exchange 2016

With shared calendars Outlook, it is finally very easy to organize a meeting by checking the availability of each participant. It is also possible to manage the booking of a meeting room, a video projector, a service car…

Whatever your consultation terminal (your PC with Outlook, your Smartphone, or via the Internet with Outlook Web Access), you can easily and quickly find all your contacts in your personal and shared address books.

  1. Avoid Exchange configuration problems

No more problems during installation or update procedures, during maintenance or breakdowns since the servers are under our responsibility and are installed in high availability environments.

The majority of companies end up with a default Exchange configuration because of a real lack of time and expertise on the subject to implement a custom solution. With a Hosted Exchange solution, your needs are precisely defined and can easily change over time. Setting up features such as Outlook Web Access (OWA) or the Android / iOS Exchange configuration will not be a problem anymore!

In addition, the many support resources allow you to benefit from real support and, if necessary, a technician is always present for you.

  1. Develop information sharing

Employees of the company can work more simply together using:

  • Emails,
  • Professional contacts,
  • Work schedules,
  • Public folders to share their work

They can easily be shared without encroaching on privacy, since it is always possible to choose what should be shared or not (appointments, contacts and personal emails …). The hosted exchange solution allows moreover a migration mails and associated files in a simplified way.

  1. Reduce the operating costs of your business email

To address the problem of cost reduction, it is necessary to already have a fairly precise idea of what the investment costs, the operating costs and the costs of non-operation (equivalent to the loss of production and therefore counting as financial losses for your business if the mail service no longer works temporarily).

The investment cost includes:

  • Purchase of computers (servers)
  • Operating systems and software (licenses)
  • Backup systems and Exchange backup
  • Inverter with battery in case of power failure

The operating cost includes:

  • The “man” time spent by a person from the company to make sure that it works, to anticipate potential problems (analysis of event logs), to answer users’ questions, to check that the system is secure and be able to put “en route” in case of crash or disaster (fire, water damage, theft).
  • Bill of electricity and air conditioning, which sometimes is not negligible.
  • Depending on the contract, you must integrate the installation of software or computer updates if the initial configuration is not sufficient to absorb the increase in load.

If you are CIO (Information System Manager):

You can easily think that you have no interest in guiding you towards this type of service, since you could eventually threaten your own role in the company. This question many CIOs or IT administrators ask themselves and few answers are given. In practice, this is what is happening with our current customers who have chosen, with the help of their CIO, to set up a hosted Exchange e-mail solution. Not burdened with a significant share of time-consuming tasks, your CIO will now be able to focus on more important missions in order to improve the company’s productivity, its security and to foster innovation in-house. It is often on this occasion that the company makes a leap forward, because its CIO can finally work on real issues!

Interesting anecdote: One of our customers pointed out that, according to him, today, managing all of his computers would be his own responsibility for the maintenance and repair of his company’s service vehicles. However, this is not the case; the company has entered into a personalized maintenance contract with a garage owner. A general services manager is there to ensure that contracts are respected, that unused vehicles are returned and that the selected vehicles correspond to the needs of the company. Yet IT is complex to manage because the evolution of uses and solutions often goes much faster than the adaptation of the company and in parallel its malfunction can be much more catastrophic because it can impact the whole enterprise in same time…

  1. Scalable messaging

An Exchange messaging system can globally adapt to the needs of businesses of any size. Our multisite architecture allows us to offer you a collaborative work service from anywhere, whether you have one or more sites in France or abroad. You can start hosting with a few boxes and evolve gradually to reach several tens or thousands of mailboxes.

  1. Stay free, no commitment!

If you change your mind and want to go back, all of your data will be returned to you as soon as possible. We can also support you by detaching one of our technicians or engineers at your home to make this return.

  1. Access your Exchange mailbox at any time with your webmail

Thanks to Exchange synchronization and email interconnect with your remote sites; you have 24/24 access to all your email information. Regardless of the location or the connection support, a simple internet connection will allow you to always keep in touch:

From your desktop with Outlook: all of your data will be synchronized with the Outlook Exchange email client directly installed on your computers or smartphones, tablets.

From a computer station connected to the Internet (cyber cafe, at a customer’s or at home) with Outlook Web Access (OWA). A secure and encrypted connection combined with a double authentication ensures complete protection of your email information.

From your smartphone with Active Sync , you receive the selected objects in your email in real time. You manage your mails as on PC (reading, suppression, classification, answer …). Enjoy full synchronization between all your work devices now!

  1. No data loss with Exchange archiving (RGPD here I am!)

Our production environment integrates a data backup and backup solution with minimum restores times that are usually too expensive to invest for a company outside of IT. If you damage your hard drive, if you steal your computer, your data is always on our server and you can always access it instantly via your smartphone or via Outlook Web Access (via a PC connected to the Internet).

  1. A more efficient business in everyday life

By using our hosted services, and whatever the size of your company, small business, SME, Large Group, you have the free spirit to devote yourself to your business and thus discharge you from the repetitive tasks of operating a mail. You benefit from a powerful, available and evolving service on which you rest while concentrating on your core business!

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